Philosophy And Being Vegetarian

Hey everyone! The other day at school we had watched a video about the philosopher René Descartes. He had a very interesting way of thinking. “Cogito ergo sum.” This is most famous quote, which means “I think, so I am.” Real knowledge starts with our own brain. One of his ideas in particular caught my attention.

A Child’s Magical Mind

Hey everyone!   She was only a child. Her imagination running wild. Anything was possible. Everything was mysterious and magical. Her world was full of happy colours. She saw all the beautiful things the world had to offer. There was no worry in the world.

Strong Opinions

Hey everyone! I love it so much when people have a strong opinion on something. I think I have a quite strong opinion on most things myself. I’ve always wanted to be different from the others, so when I disagreed with something I let everybody know.

Laugh It Off

Hey everyone! Life being me is one awkward embarrassing mess. A couple of days ago I embarrassed myself big time again. Now I just laugh about myself and I make sure no one laughs harder at me than myself. That used to be different.

The Street Artist II

Hey everyone! As promised I’d tell you about the second meeting with the street artist I talked about in one of my previous posts (The Street Artist). In honour of Mother’s Day there is an annual local festival in my hometown. It’s for free and only 5 minutes away from my house, so I decided … More The Street Artist II

It Is What It Is

Hey everyone! Things have happened. Things are happening. Things are going to happen. The things that have happened are unchangeable. The things are happening now are partly changeable. And the things that are going to happen are in your hands. “Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery.”

Doing It Over

Hey everyone! The last semester of school has started and theoretically I can still pass this year (I’m in the 11th grade), but I don’t think I want to put all the effort and work in it and I don’t think I can do it practically. I’m just not motivated at all. I don’t know … More Doing It Over