A Twist In Growing Up

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you want and what you are expected to want. … More A Twist In Growing Up


Philosophy And Being Vegetarian

Hey everyone! The other day at school we had watched a video about the philosopher René Descartes. He had a very interesting way of thinking. “Cogito ergo sum.” This is most famous quote, which means “I think, so I am.” Real knowledge starts with our own brain. One of his ideas in particular caught my attention.

The Supernatural

Hey everyone! Don’t you ever have this weird thing that happens and you can’t really explain what it was? Like that one time you were sure you heard footsteps on the stairs but you were 100% sure you are home alone. Or that time when you saw something on the corner of your eye, but … More The Supernatural

My Biggest Fear

Hey everyone! Everyone is a little scared every once in a while, but some things keep wandering through my mind and keep me up until the early hours, haunting me every day and night. I’m scared of multiple things, like spiders and gulls, but the thing that scares me the most is the only thing … More My Biggest Fear

The Internet

Hey everyone! The internet. Its such a weird thing. Everything you ever wanted at your feet by just a simple mouse click or a few ticks on your keyboard. I spend a lot of time on it. Scrolling through instagram, watching youtube, playing games, chatting to people, writing blogs… and a whole lot of other … More The Internet

This, is me.

Hey everyone! I’m not quite happy yet what I write about on this blog. I know it is really early to say this, but it’s true. I haven’t found the perfect balance between personal and facts. You should see my draft list. It’s longer than the list of posts that I have actually posted. I … More This, is me.