Happy 2015?

Hey everyone!



2015 has come to an end and that means I will be looking back on the past 365 days of my life. Lot’s of things have happened, good things and bad things. I had tot think about where I was last year and where I am now. I realised that I became a happier person, with so much more positive energy and basically I feel like a entire new person. I can’t believe how far I’ve come past year!

The first thing that has happened this year was the birth of my blog! I started my blog exactly 1 year ago and it was a start for many other exciting things! It was a pretty big thing for me to do at the time and I thought it was quite scary at first and I have kept it a secret for quite long.

I have had lots of ups-and-downs with friends, school and family over the past year. I’ve made so many new friends and lost a few.

I can’t thank my new friends enough. They are the most wonderful people I’ve ever met and we have done the things I thought I could only dream of. They are just as weird as I and there are no limits to our love for each other!

In March I went skiing with my friend for the second time. I had learned so much, I was even able to go down a 77% slope… twice!

June 12th was an amazing day. I remember this day in particular, because I fell in love with the band Muse. I saw them on the festival Pinkpop. It was also the day that I got to be front row at the performance of one of my favourite bands, Coasts. (To this day I still regret not touching the lead singer, because he was literally standing right in front of me, but I was just too scared)

June 13th was one of the best days of my life. I finally went to a One Direction concert. I have been a fan for about 4 and a half year now and I hadn’t been able to see them perform live and I finally went! That was also the day that I met my two internet friends, Sanne and Katie. I was so grateful to be able to meet them and it was one of the greatest things I have ever done in my entire life. The contact with Katie kinda went out after our second meeting, but I still talk to Sanne without skiping a day.

A year doesn’t only have it’s ups, but also it’s downs. I had not been able to get the required grades that were needed to succeed, so I had to do the year over. It wasn’t much of a suprise anymore, but it was a little disappointing anyway. Looking back on it now, it was probably for the better. I just didn’t know enough about the basics, so if I would have passed this year, I would definitely fail the next one. Besides, I got to know lots of my new friends. I don’t think I would change a single thing anymore.

In summer I went on a summer camp with scouting to Belgium. It was probably one of the best camps I’ve ever had. I remember going skinny dipping in the dark most. It was on my bucket list and it was amazing to share that moment with some of the nicest people. The special thing about it was that there were luminescent algae in the water.

I am now halfway through my 12th year of scouting and I honestly can’t wait for the summer!

August 9th and 10th I had a sleep over with my two internet friends and we went to the fun park the Efteling. We had lots of fun and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Then we have august 29th. The day I uploaded my first ever video to my youtube channel. The channel already existed since august 13th, but I just hadn’t done anything with it yet. I was extremely nervous, also during the shooting and doing the voice over, and that I absolutely clear to see and hear. I had been a huge fan of many youtubers for quite some time now and youtube became the only thing that was able to completely take my mind of of everything. I wanted to give something back and I absolutely love making video’s and I most definitely will continue making videos in the future. I will probably talk more about my channel in the future. I kinda forgot about my channel the past 2 weeks though. I have had a lot of problems with my camera, but I just can’t afford anything better at the moment. I hope that will change soon, because I have some big plans for the future!

The summer had done me good. I felt like a better person and I was so much happier with myself than I used to be. My thoughts were much more positive and I hoped to be able to pass that on to others as much as I possibly could.

I sold muffins to my friends and donated the proceeds of $100 to The Thirst Project, which was ‘hosted’ by the YouTuber Connor Franta. I was so proud that I managed to give 4 people clean drinking water for the rest of their lives. It’s a thing that seems so natural to us, while it is a massive problem in other parts of the world, and I am so glad I could help the world become a better place.

Speaking of that, I have gotten more and more aware of the situations in the world around me. I think I could write an entire book about that, so I’ll just move on and make a mental note to write a post about it soon!

Then we move on to the last couple of months of the year. I looked for help for my school work in hopes I can find my motivation for school again, I fell in love again with gymnastics (I am almost nailing a freestanding handstand and the splits) and I walked more than 18 kilometers from my hometown to the place of the Glass House to raise money (3 radio DJ’s go into that “house” for a week to make radio and they can only get fluid food and they raise money for a good cause).

With that being said, I think the year is almost over. I think I forgot many things, but this post is already long enough. I am almost tearing up. I went into this year with the intention to make this year a better year than the last one and I think it’s safe to say that I did just that.

Lastly, I want to thank every single person who decided to drop by my blog past year. Weather you have only read one post or if you have subscribed to my blog, or even just commented on one of my posts. You have been an amazing support in my life. You have put a smile on my face with every sweet comment you left and it was amazing to have you all with me on this crazy journey.

Thank you all so so so much!

I wish you all a happy new year!


PastelTessa XXX


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