Why Tall Girls SHOULD Wear Heels

Hey everyone!

I am a tall girl (for my country, it might be not that tall in yours). I’m 5’11 or 1.80m.

We, tall girls, have at least heard one of the following comments:

  • Do you play basketball?
  • How is the weather up there?
  • Gosh, how tall are you?
  • You can’t wear heels.

And the last one frustrates me most! So that’s what I’ll be discussing today.

First of all don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear based on your height! As long as you feel good and confident in those killer heels, wear them! I wear 5′ heels myself too and I’ll be telling you why right now!

  1. You should only dress for you and you only. If you think you look amazing in those heels, put ’em on and rock them!
  2. You will get compliments. They will tell you you look like a model!
  3. They make your legs and butt look amazing! You will have all eyes on you!
  4. It’s very convenient. You can find all your friends immediately at a crowded party, you still have the best view at a concert even though you might be a little further to the back and people will need you to get something from the top shelf, which makes your height useful as well!
  5. You attract other people who are confident. Some people might be intimidated by your height, but the ones who are comfortable with theirs will have no problem with yours, and that’s the kind of people you want to be around you.
  6. A date should be proud to have the centre of attention on his arm! If (s)he doesn’t let you wear heels, (s)he is not worth you!

So screw what everyone else says! Your own opinion is the most important, so straighten your back and go strutt your stuff!

PastelTessa XXX


4 thoughts on “Why Tall Girls SHOULD Wear Heels

  1. “It’s very convenient. You can find all your friends immediately at a crowded party, you still have the best view at a concert”

    hahaha, I love #4 – I also tall and I completely agree with everything you just said! Great post! 🙂


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