Night Adventures

The dark night’s sky covered the small town.

Sleep didn’t seem to find it’s way into her head. He didn’t seem to get much sleep either. He softly knocked on her bedroom door. The door squeaked a little as he opened it.

“Are you awake?” he whispered.

“Yes.” she whispered back. “Can’t fall asleep?”

“Nope.” he said as he sat down on the edge of her bed. There was a moment of silence. The moon peacefully lit the young girl’s face. He seemed to sense her sudden restlessness.

“Do you wanna go?” he asked after a moment of hesitation.


“Don’t know.”

There was some silence.

“Sure.” she suddenly said grabbing a sweater and pulled it over her fluffy, pink pyjamas he had grown to love so much. She tossed him another sweater and put on some jeans herself.

Not much later they stood outside, side by side.

“What now?” she curiously asked as she peered up at the starry sky.

“This way.” he said pointing in a direction and started walking. She followed him. Soon they both had no idea where they had gone, but fear wasn’t to be found anywhere inside either of them. They just walked into the unknown, the thrill of not knowing finding it’s way into their veins.

Both of them didn’t know how much time had passed when they neared the edge of a hill. Below them stretched the city; it’s lights shining brightly through the dark night’s sky.

“It’s beautiful…” she whispered breathlessly, leaning into his arm around her shoulders.

He nodded in agreement.

They both wished this could last forever. They just stood there in silence as the red morning sun chased away the darkness that covered the city.

Silently they made their way back to their house. Another night they promised never to forget.

PastelTessa XXX


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