6 Favourite Songs And Why

Hey everyone!

Music has always been a big part of my life. It speaks for me when I can’t and there is nothing like finding a song that describes exactly how you feel.

I have a good list of songs that I really like. Sometimes the beat is just too irresistible, other times the lyrics really get me. This post will be about the latter one. I’m going to list a few songs that really mean a lot to me and I will explain why and how they are an influence in my life.

– The first song is probably the oldest one of them all: Who’s Laughing Now by Jessie J. In this song Jessie sings about being bullied in primary school, but she didn’t let the bullies drag her down. Instead it made her stronger and she pursued a career in singing. When she finally managed to do so, the old bullies act like they were her best friends all along, just to get a piece of her fame. She tells them off and asks them: ‘Who’s laughing now?’
I swore this song would be my song one day, I would show everyone who didn’t believe me that I can do it and that they shouldn’t come to me when I finally make it.

– The second song is See Me Now by Little Mix. This song is quite similar to Who’s Laughing Now. The girls sing about making it to the top and that if everyone who ever told them that they couldn’t do it or that they were crazy for having big dreams could see them now, they would see that they did make it.
The reason why I like this song is pretty much the same as Who’s Laughing Now.

Social Casualty by 5 Seconds Of Summer is my next song. The boys sing about not wanting to be ‘a victim of authority’ and not wanting to be who they are supposed to be. I feel like I can relate, because I don’t want to be who I’m expected to be.

– The next song is Masterpiece by (again) Jessie J. She sings about not having shown the best of her yet, but she is working on it. I feel the same way. All people see now is my grades, and let me tell you, they were not to be proud of and I have to do last year over. People haven’t seen my full potential yet. I’m working on it and one day I will be able to show the world what I’m really worth. Jessie let’s me know in this song that it’s okay not to have something I can be truly proud of yet and that I will one day.

– Next I chose Ordinary Life by Simple Plan. They sing about having that boring life that everyone else is having too and that most people are afraid to do something else. It makes me feel less alone. I felt abnormal because everyone around me did seem to want to have that 9-5 job. I just also want to ‘live before I die’.

– The last song on this list is The Journey by Skinny Living. The song is about living your life. It’s a journey and you should make the best out of it. They sing that life is not easy, but if it was there was no need to try. This song keeps me motivated. If I fall on my face it’s okay, because that’s part of life.

This list is nowhere near complete, but you’d still be reading this post next week if I actually included all the songs that had some kind of influence on me.

What are your favourite songs and why?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

PastelTessa XXX


One thought on “6 Favourite Songs And Why

  1. I really love Human (Christina Perri) and Good Enough (Little Mix) because they describe perfectly how I felt some time ago and how I sometimes still feel. I also really love The Great Escape and mean (P!nk) I don’t actually know why. Last one: Dear mr. President (also P!nk) it’s a bit the same as one of your songs, it says that even the president is not worth more than the other people. It’s got a kind of double meaning to me, one is that everyone is equal, there’s no such thing as ‘important people’ and the second is that you’re not worthless, however you may feel and whatever you may have done.

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