More Awards!

Hey everyone!

My Teenage Madness has nominated me for the following awards:


  • The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award


  • The Real Neat Blog Award


Thank you so much for the nominations!

So basically you get a few questions you have to answer and then you have to pass on the questions to a few other bloggers.

Let’s go to the questions!

  1. Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere, really! I’ve been on many holidays to the mountains, but I could enjoy about any other destination just as much!
  2. Favourite ice cream flavour? Cookie! Preferably with cookie dough in it! Nomnomnom!
  3. Pen or pencil? Pen. I like the way it glides over your paper, I guess. I love the feeling of finding a new pen that writes smoothly. Oh, and I prefer blue ones over black ones.
  4. Favourite season? I can’t really choose between summer and winter. It depends on the weather I guess. If it snows in winter and the sun shines, but not too much in summer, I wouldn’t be able to choose! I like autumn and spring as well though. At the end of every season I am excited for the next one.
  5. Sing or dance? I can’t really do either of them, but I guess people find my singing more disturbing than my dancing, so I’ll choose dancing!
  6. Phone or computer? Phone. My parents think I’m addicted… oops! I prefer the computer for blogging, but I’d choose my phone over more things than I should.
  7. Describe your life right this second, in 5 words. Stressed, chaotic, dreaming, doubting and overall teenage-y.
  8. What is your favourite word? Bubbles! There is just no way of saying this in any other way than in a happy way. Moustache has to be a close runner-up!
  9. Who do I idolize? I find the most inspiration in Jack and Finn Harries. They are better known as Jacksgap on YouTube. They do what they love to do AND they get to travel the world, doing awesome things.
  10. Which genre of music do you prefer? I can’t really give you an exact answer to this question. I like to listen to many different genres. I will tell you my favourite artists so you can see it for yourself! Skinny Living, DWNTWN, The 1975, Kodaline, Coasts, Muse, Imagine Dragons and One Direction.

Now you have learned a little more about me!

I would like to pass on these awards to the following bloggers:

Good luck with the questions! I hope to see your answers soon!

PastelTessa XXX


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