The Supernatural

Hey everyone!

Don’t you ever have this weird thing that happens and you can’t really explain what it was?

Like that one time you were sure you heard footsteps on the stairs but you were 100% sure you are home alone.

Or that time when you saw something on the corner of your eye, but when you turned to really look at it, it’s gone?

Now I don’t really believe in the supernatural. I think everything is explainable through science. Anything that isn’t explainable is non-existent to me.

The supernatural exists on many grounds; religions is one for example. They believe there are one or more supernatural beings that have influence on the things that happen on earth. You can’t see them, but they might experience the feeling of attendance. But here I’m talking about things you see or think you might have seen.

But I can’t help but wonder “what if there is something our minds can’t reach”? Did I actually see something? Was it just my imagination? Are there more things like this that I saw, but my mind didn’t process them and I didn’t really notice them?

Maybe it’s because I absolutely love horror movies. Maybe those have any influence on my mind. I love the thrill that they give me and the anxiety that I get the days after.

Maybe it’s because it is unexplainable after all and my human mind can’t comprehend something that is not explainable.

One thing is for sure: we’ll never know for sure.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Let me know in the comments below!

PastelTessa XXX


2 thoughts on “The Supernatural

  1. Anything you may have “seen” can probably be easily explained. If you love horror movies, you must have seen all sorts of gore, monsters, etc. So some part of your brain has subconsciously recorded these things. You also like it, so there is a chance that your brain was pulling out images of these to give you that “thrilling” experience that you enjoy. There are many other instances of these in your everyday life. For example, if you think that when you come up with a random code or password, it is totally random, then you are most probably wrong. This number or phrase must have some relation to something your brain has subconsciously recorded. Perhaps the number at the end of a bill you recently received after dinner at a restaurant, or maybe your locker code from elementary school. The point is, nothing you saw was real.

    Damn this was long. Maybe I should’ve made this a blog post. Oh well.

    PS – Thanks again for following me :3

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